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Saving Money 101: 4 Ways to Cut Costs Not Comforts

Whether you are just getting started with freelancing or looking to squeeze every drop of financial freedom from your budget, these four tips will have you saving money in not time. Regardless of if you use one tip or all five, results are easy to see. Best of all, these tips require little to no sacrifice to enact or enjoy.

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10 Productivity Boosters to Help You Make More Money as a Freelancer

To-do lists, daily itineraries and home offices only help increase productivity so much. While you are working the kids are finding new ways to insert things into the DVD player, the pets are finding inventive new ways to get where they don’t belong and your friends are all planning ways to totally disregard the fact that you are working and interrupt your day. You cannot eliminate people. The best way to account for this is to establish routines and hone your ability to focus.

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