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Author: Jon Stone

Money Saving Quick Tip – Set Up Your Fridge or Pantry Like a Vending Machine

Snacks and meals are notorious for breaking your focus and interrupting work time. Between the planning, preparation, decisions, cooking and devouring, eating well takes time. Multiply that for each member of your family and it becomes a time sink fast. With a little bit of planning ahead, you can reclaim a large portion of this time without your family clutching their stomachs and groaning like zombies. Better still, you’ll likely save money! Planning the Assault To steam line things and boost the benefits of this quick tip, it helps to analyze eating habits, routines and dietary needs before heading...

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4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Productivity

When it comes to daily living, some people are structured and some just fly by the seat of their pants. While this is a personal preference that you are free to make, you might find that the fun and fancy free mindset leads to some problems when it comes to freelancing. Even if it’s not causing issues with deadlines or productivity, you might be missing opportunities to find waste in your daily work. This means you might be leaving money on the table or adding unneeded stress to your freelance lifestyle. In this article, we’re going to go through...

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Defeating “Feast or Famine” Income Cycles

:: UPDATED FOR 2016! :: If you’re a content marketer, freelance writer or other creative, you probably love this time of year. With everyone making their final pushes for the holiday retail season, work tends to flow pretty easy. But in a month or two, it’ll start… blogs and forums will sound the alarms about work disappearing and clients going silent. There is a popular phrase within the freelance community to describe these cycles: “Feast or Famine”. It always seems that when things in the self-employment journey are going great, they are exceptional. When things take a downward turn, they...

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The Importance of Break Time

While a large portion of being successful as a freelancer is time management and staying motivated, many freelancers overlook one of the most important aspects of being your own boss – taking breaks. While it might seem a bit counter-intuitive, regular breaks are an important part of staying healthy and productive. They are also the key to preventing the dreaded burn out. Breaks have a number of health benefits as well, including reducing strain on your eyes and helping to ward off repetitive stress injuries. The Daily Grind Most freelancers have a daily routine. This often starts with checking...

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Saving Money 101: 4 Ways to Cut Costs Not Comforts

Whether you are just getting started with freelancing or looking to squeeze every drop of financial freedom from your budget, these four tips will have you saving money in not time. Regardless of if you use one tip or all five, results are easy to see. Best of all, these tips require little to no sacrifice to enact or enjoy.

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