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As broadband Internet speeds continue to increase, everything is going digital. From ordering groceries to downloading software, you can find just about anything you need for daily living online.

Television programs and movies are no exception. While there are plenty of ethically shady ways to acquires your favorite movies or television programs, there are a long list of legal and affordable ways as well.

This means you can ditch your expensive television bill and still enjoy the majority of your favorite programs without the worries of a letter in the mail or a knock on the door from a menacing uniform. 

Watch Your Favorite Shows Your Way

One of the best things about cutting the cable is the ability to watch your favorite movies and TV shows wherever it’s convenient for you. You’re no longer tied to the couch.

Want to catch up on that steamy romance or violent viking series you love? Watch on your phone and keep the little eyes in the room safe. They can even watch something else on the TV or a tablet while you enjoy!

It seems like every day there are new options for streaming video to your devices.

Popular options include:

  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Miracast
  • Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Playstation 3/4
  • Xbox 360/Xbox One
  • Android Set Top Boxes
  • Smart Televisions

You can also watch on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer! Better still, most streaming services will let you stop on one device and pick back up on another. 

Of course, you can enjoy your shows on the television too. It wasn’t long ago, that you would need to pick up expensive cables and run wires all over the house. Now, it’s a simple as picking up a streaming device and plugging it in.

Most of the devices listed above support all of the major streaming sources. Many are available for under $100 with some as low as $30. This means for the cost of a single month of cable or satellite service, you can upgrade your experience.

Leading Options for Streaming Video Content

Depending on what you want to watch, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your needs. While many require monthly payments for full access, you can subscribe to most of the services available and still not come close to the total of a mid-tier cable or satellite package. 


Here are a few of the most popular options:


Movies, Television shows, original series and more for under $10/mo!


TV series, an eclectic mix of movies and a great kid’s selection for under $10/mo!

Prime Instant Video

A great selection of on-demand titles, including Nickelodeon favorites for around $10/mo.


65+ channels of live streaming TV starting at $20 month. A great option for sports fans!


Premium movies, exclusive series and more for around $15/mo!

Stream Showtime

Movies, Television shows, original series and more for around $12/mo!

Between these six services, you would be surprised how many of your regular shows can be found. Not to mention the whole list of movies and specials you just cannot find on cable or satellite.

For random favorites you can’t find on demand, you can get season passes through Amazon or iTunes for about $20 a season.

Breaking Down the Numbers

So with the options listed above, you have an endless well of entertainment options to draw from when you need them. There’s no need for an expensive DVR or the like because they’re on demand (apart from SlingTV.)

We won’t include HBO Now or Stream Showtime in the numbers as their monthly cost is nearly identical to the cost to add them a cable package. So while you won’t neccesarily save, you own’t pay any more than you already are either.

That leaves, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix.

Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription of $99 at the time of writing. That’s $8.25 a month.

Netflix offers multiple plans depending on the number of devices you wish to stream to at the same time. We’ll go with the mid-tier that allows two devices in HD. That’s $9.99 a month.

Hulu starts at $7.99 a month with an option to remove commercials for $4 more. We’ll stick with the basic.

Total for all three services, you’re looking roughly $26 per month. That’s less than the starter tier for most cable packages!

Even if  you went all in and added SlingTV, Showtime and HBO, you’d be saving money with a grand total of roughly $76. That’s for the equivalent of the premium cable tier! All while being able to watch on your phone, tablet, computer, TV or virtually anything with a screen and a Wi-Fi connection.

If you still need local channels for news, weather or sports, a basic $20 antenna will likely do the job. You might even be surprised how clear the over-the-air signal is. Sometimes, it exceeds the quality of broadcast channels. 

If you are looking for a way to reduce costs without reducing the benefits and comforts to your lifestyle, making the switch to streaming video is finally a viable option.

Have you done this in your household? Do you have any questions or comments? Do you know a legal source of streaming video? Leave me a comment in the box below!

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